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Mark Cichocki, R.N.

Mark Cichocki RN is an HIV/AIDS nurse educator at the University of Michigan's HIV/AIDS Treatment Program. Mark is the author of the book "Living with HIV: A Patient's Guide"


Mark has developed and contributed to many online health education sites, providing written HIV/AIDS education material for numerous organizations locally and across the country. He is a published author and also has extensive nursing experience in many specialties, providing his viewers with excellent comprehensive health education across the entire spectrum of health care.


He studied at the University of Toledo and holds nursing licenses in both Michigan and Ohio.

By Mark Cichocki, R.N.:

I look forward to serving as your HIV/AIDS Guide. I approach this task knowing that HIV effects the whole person in many different ways. My goal is to provide information that will allow you take control of your life. My role is to educate my viewers while providing a supportive, safe, and enjoyable community. Welcome to HIV/AIDS at About.com.

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