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Dealing with a Fever

Tips on Dealing with this Common HIV Symptom


Updated November 01, 2008

Fever is the body's normal reaction to infection and inflammation. Despite being a normal process of the human body, it's typically an indication that there is an infection or inflammation somewhere in the body.

Important Warning!
If you develop a fever, notify your doctor immediately.

Here are some tips on dealing with a fever.

  • Because fever can cause excessive fluid loss by way of sweating, drink plenty of clear liquids such as Gatorade, water, or cool carbonated liquids.
  • After consulting your doctor, over the counter medications such as Tylenol or Motrin can be taken to lower a fever. Remember, don't take any over the counter medications without first consulting your doctor.
  • Take luke warm baths to help lower a fever.
  • Avoid using alcohol on the skin in order to lower a fever. Alcohol can dry the skin and can also irritate existing respiratory conditions.
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