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Same Sex Marriages

Should They Be Sanctioned?


Updated July 29, 2007

The nightly news is filled with the ongoing debate over same sex marriages. Some states allow them; some states forbid them; and other states can't seem to make up their minds. City clerks, mayors and other city officials are sometimes taking the law into their own hands; allowing same sex unions despite current law in their state. So why all the fuss? Why is gay marriage such a hot button issue? Why do some feel strongly that same sex marriages should be a constituionally protected right? Why do others feel that allowing same sex marriages is in direct violation of moral and ethical standards. Let's look at the arguement for both sides then you can decide for yourself.

Who Can Marry in Massachusettes?

Supporters of Same Sex Marriage - What is Their Case?

Thousands of same sex couples have come to the San Francisco courthouse to get their marriage certificates. The mayor has determined that prevailing California law is wrong in prohibiting same sex marriages. So, the Clerk of Courts in the city has been handing out marriage certificates to hundreds of same sex couples, including some well known celebrities. What arguement do supporters use in their fight to legalize same sex marriages? Here are some points in their platform.

  • The right to marry is a fundemental right protected by the United States Constitution.

  • The traditional definition of marriage is a union between two people of the opposite sex. Supporters insist the definition can't be allowed to be a basis for discrimination.

  • Without the legal right to marriage, same sex couples lose their right to health care coverage, family leave, child custody protections, tax protections, inheritance protections, and pension plan options.

  • Civil marriages and religious marriages are not the same. Therefore morality and religious arguements against same sex marriages are flawed and should have no standing.

  • Permitting legal same sex marriages will not force any religion to perform such ceremonies against their beliefs, doctrine, or morals.

But what about those who strongly oppose same sex marriages or unions. They feel their case is just as compelling. Here are the points they make.

Opponents of Same Sex Marriages - What is Their Case?

The opposition's arguement against same sex marriage is primarily based in religion, and the interpretation of what is moral and immoral. Cultural norms also play a role in the following points.

  • Biblically, marriage has been cited as a union between a man and woman and in such a union procreation must not be ruled out. In other words, religion says a man and a woman get married and have children. Same sex couples can't fulfill that expectation and therefore should not be permitted.

  • The natural difference between man and woman, including sexual differences, is what draws them together and forms the basis of their relationship. Without those differences, a committed relationship can not occur.

  • Scientifically, marriage between a male and a female is the natural order of life.

  • Many religious figures view homsexuality as a sin and therefore any union based on such a relationship is also deemed sinful.

  • Some religious leaders believe that allowing same sex marriages or unions will somehow undermine the traditional family unit, the foundation for many religious communities.

  • Others feel that the gay community can't be allowed to redefine marriage and the family unit to suit their own needs.

Ironically, the gay community is somewhat split on the issue of same sex marriage. Many feel that a legal, same sex union instead of a religiously based marriage is needed to protect couples and afford them the rights of traditional couples. And for some, the issue simply boils down to their own definition of marriage and the legality of civil unions.

So you have the facts...you know where each side stands. Now make your own informed decision.

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