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Hepatitis Medications - AIDS/HIV - About.com
Baraclude (entecavir) is a prescription medicine used for chronic infection with hepatitis B virus (HBV) in adults where the virus is multiplying and damaging the  ...
Hepatitis Treatment - Hepatitis C Signs and Symptoms - AIDS/HIV
May 27, 2014 ... The ultimate goal of Hepatitis Treatment is to limit the amount of liver tissue damage caused by the virus. By doing so, hepatitis medications ...
Hepatitis B Medications - Hepatitis C Medications - Hepatitis
May 12, 2013 ... Hepatitis B and hepatitis C can be treated with the right medications. About.com provides some hepatitis b and hepatitis c information for you.
Common Hepatitis Treatments - About.com
There are many treatments for hepatitis but which one your physician will use depends on the type of disease. This article describes some of the most common  ...
Alternative Medicine and Hepatitis C - Can It Help?
Sep 8, 2014 ... Although there is no hepatitis C cure, certain medical treatments may benefit some hepatitis C patients. For instance, antiviral medications can ...
Drugs for Hepatitis B With Pros and Cons - About.com
Jun 10, 2014 ... Chronic hepatitis B has several approved drugs for treatment. Here are hepatitis B drugs and some of their pros and cons.
Hepatitis Treatment Clinicians and Specialists - About.com
Physicians who earn the doctor of medicine degree (MD) or doctor of ... Physicians have the training to completely manage your hepatitis, whether acute or ...
Hepatitis C - Struggling Through Treatment
Jun 27, 2014 ... In 2002, Hope and Dennis were diagnosed with Hepatitis C and began treatment one year later. I met Hope through the hepatitis forums, which ...
Interferons - Interferon Fact Sheet - Hepatitis C Medications - AIDS/HIV
Mar 8, 2014 ... Interferons are used to treat hepatitis c. This interferon fact sheet provides you with the important information needed when taking the ...
How is Hepatitis Treated? - Alcoholism - About.com
Feb 13, 2014 ... While there is no treatment for hepatitis A, most people who have it recover within a few weeks. Sometimes your doctor may order bed rest and ...
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