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The Biology of HIV

This collection of articles and resources explain the biology of HIV from infection, to replication, and HIV's affect on the immune system and why HIV makes us sick. Have About's HIV information delivered directly to your e-mail by signing up for the free weekly HIV newsletter

What is HIV/AIDS?
AIDS is not a disease, but rather the stage of HIV infection in which the body’s immune system is compromised, making it vulnerable to opportunistic infections.

What Does Your CD4 Count and Viral Load Mean?
A CD4 count and viral load test are performed to determine the status of a person's immune system and the level of HIV in the body.

What is HIV/AIDS?
What is HIV? What is AIDS? This introduction to HIV and AIDS includes immune system basics, the spread of the virus, and the international outlook on the pandemic.

10 Things You Should Know About HIV Drug Resistance [GALLERY]
HIV resistance is easy understand in concept, but knowing the dynamics of resistance can better ensure durability of your antiretroviral drugs.

List of Approved Antiretroviral Drugs - HIV Medication
Today, there are 27 individual antiretroviral agents and seven fixed dosed combination (FDC) drugs comprised of two or more of different agents.

List of Approved Antiretroviral Drugs - HIV Medication
Today, there are 27 individual antiretroviral agents and seven fixed dosed combination (FDC) drugs comprised of two or more of different agents.

What To Do If an HIV Treatment Fails
HIV treatment failure occurs when a drug (or combination of drugs) is unable to unable suppress viral activity or restore a patient's immune function.

Your Essential Guide to HIV Therapy
With the introduction of newer, more effective antiretroviral drugs, health panels around the world are updating their HIV treatment recommendations.

HIV/AIDS Fact Sheet
A brief but comprehensive fact sheet about HIV & AIDS.

The HIV Life Cycle
The HIV life cycle is a series of cellular changes that results in new HIV reproduction. Here is a step by step illustration of the HIV life cycle.

A Layman’s Glossary to HIV/AIDS Clinical Research Terms

HIV Infection - The Facts You Need to Know / Book Review
This is a review of the HIV related book "HIV Infection: The Facts You Need to Know"

Understanding Absolute CD4 Count and CD4 Percentage
CD4 percentage and absolute CD4 counts are difficult concepts. This article will help you better understand absolute CD4 and CD4 percentage.

All About HIV Tropism
There is a new drug now available for the treatment of HIV. Maraviroc (selzentry) is an HIV drug known as an entry inhibitor. Unlike other HIV drugs, Maraviroc will only be effective in people with a certain HIV tropism. What is HIV tropism and how does it effect the drug Maraviroc?

When Will We Have an HIV Vaccine?
Research in the past decade has focused on the development of therapeutic vaccines, which may slow the progress of HIV rather than prevent it.

How Does HIV Genetic Resistance Testing Work?

CD4 (T-cell)
The CD4 count or T-cell count is an important indicator of immune system health.

IRIS – Immune Reconstitution Inflammatory Syndrome – Definition

Gays Not The Origin of HIV
About's Gay Life Guide, Ramon Johnson gives us this update on the origin of HIV.

HIV Elite Controllers
Left untreated, HIV will progress to AIDS; that goes without question. But there is a group of HIV positive people that don't progress to AIDS even when they don't take HIV medications. These people are referred to as elite controllers or HIV elite controllers. Years ago they were called long-term nonprogressors. Whatever name you use, this group of people who are able to fight HIV by themselves could be the key to an HIV vaccine. Let's learn more about elite controllers.

HIV 101...A Course in the Basics
Are you newly diagnosed or just need an HIV refresher? If so, this newsletter course will give you the basic HIV and AIDS information that everyone, people infected and caregivers alike, needs to know.

The Immune Response
Learn what parts make up the immune system and how the immune system works with this two part series. Understand the immune system and you will understand HIV.

Immune System Physiology
What are the parts of the iimune system. How does each part work to protect the body from infection. Learn how the immune response works and you'll better understand HIV and AIDS.

Does HIV Increase Your Risk for Cancer?
Cancers are considered the leading cause of death for people living with HIV in the developed world. Find out why and ways to reduce your risk.

HIV Testing Gallery

The HIV/AIDS Connection
Is HIV the cause of AIDS? This link will help you decide.

What is HIV-2?
What is HIV-2? In 1984 experts found a virus they believed was responsible for AIDS. It was called HIV-1. But 2 years later another HIV type was found; HIV-2. What is HIV-2?

Facts About HIV - Ten Facts About HIV

HIV is a complex disease that continues to take its toll around the world. For those living with the disease, understanding the disease is key to staying healthy. For those of us who aren't infected, an important key to staying that way is to understand how the disease spreads from person to person. This feature presents 10 facts about HIV that everyone should know; those living with HIV and those who are not.

Premature Senescence (Premature Aging) – Medical Definition - HIV/AIDS
Premature senescence (premature aging) suggests that the body is aging "before its time" and can often be linked to one or more causal agents or events.

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