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A resource of HIV-specific information and insight designed to address the issue of youth, adolescents and children.
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Directory of HIV/AIDS Hotlines
AIDS hotlines can provide support and information not to only people living with HIV, but to anyone concerned or wanting to know more about HIV/AIDS.

Youth and HIV Risk
In the U.S., over 12,000 people under the age of 25 are infected with HIV each year. Find out why, and ways to help reduce HIV risk.

A Family Guide to Children With HIV
Teaching children about HIV provides them the framework by which to achieve life-long self-reliance and to normalize HIV as they enter adulthood.

A Family Guide to Children With HIV
Teaching children about HIV provides them the framework by which to achieve life-long self-reliance and to normalize HIV as they enter adulthood.

Helping Kids Take Their Medicines
Medication adherence is a common problem for adults taking HIV medications. But we forget that there are children; very young children that have to take HIV medications. Adherence is a problem for them as well. How can we help kids take their medications? How can we improve HIV medication adherence in children?

HIV/AIDS and Children
There are far fewer children living with HIV than there are adults. But in families where children do have the disease, there are many questions and a definite need for information. Here is information for parents of HIV positive children.

How to Talk to Your Kids About HIV
It's certainly not a comfortable topic of conversation but a very necessary one. How can parents talk with their kids about HIV?

How to Tell Your Children You Have HIV or AIDS
When parents have HIV do they tell their children? Should they tell their kids about their HIV? If they decide to tell their kids about their HIV, how do they disclose?

Teens and Oral Sex..There are Risks
Recent studies have shown that teens are engaing in oral sex more often than having intercourse. Teens and oral sex...there are risks.

Talking to Kids About HIV
HIV and AIDS are part of our life and the life of our kids. While most children, thankfully don't have HIV themselves, they have heard of the disease. Speaking with kids about HIV can be difficult. But the key is to talk with them. Speaking with kids about HIV is a must.

Teen Safer Sex Tip...How to Say "No".
It's not always easy to say no. This teen tip will help you say the right things at the right time.

Ten Ways to Make Love Without "Doin' It"
Sex isn't the only way to feel close and express your feelings. Here are 10 ways to feel close without having sex.

What Every Teen Needs to Know About HIV and AIDS
There are so many misconceptions surrounding HIV and AIDS; myth and misunderstanding fueled by the media, by fear, and by ignorance. Let’s take a look at the truth; five things every teen should know about HIV and AIDS.

Women and Children with HIV
Lists of reports with information on women and children with HIV. Links and articles at the site supply information for the medical professional as well as the lay person. Information is available for children, teens and women of all ages and risk groups.

AIDS Prevention for Teens
A comprehensive prevention site targeting young teens.

Angel Wish
Improving the quality of life of children living with HIV/AIDS by granting wishes to them and their families.

Children with AIDS Project
This project recruits families to adopt HIV-exposed children, AIDS orphans and drug-addicted infants. Their mission is to provide compassion and homes for children infected and affected by HIV.

Free Teens
HIV and STD education for teens.

Pediatric AIDS Foundation
Elizabeth Glaser's non-profit foundation that works primarily to raise funds for ongoing pediatric AIDS research.

Pediatrics and AIDS: Real Life Stories from a Social Worker
Stories about kids and how they are living with AIDS. Written by  Maria Ramierez MSW, who is on the front line of kids and HIV.

Sex Etc.
A web site by teens for teens. The site has a forum, and an ask the expert section for teens with questions about sexuality.

Welcome to PreschoolRock.com
A site devoted to raising your pre-schooler.

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