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HIV/AIDS Research

Get the latest on HIV news, research and clinical trials with this collection of important resources.
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How Close Are We to a Functional Cure?
The functional cure is an evidence-based hypothesis by which HIV may be kept in check to undetectable levels without the use of chronic medications.

How Close Are We to a Functional Cure?
The functional cure is an evidence-based hypothesis by which HIV may be kept in check to undetectable levels without the use of chronic medications.

Can Universal Testing and Treatment Reduce HIV Infection Rates?
Supporters of Universal Testing and Treatment (UTT) believe that treatment at the time of HIV diagnosis can reduce the "community viral load."

A Layman’s Glossary to HIV/AIDS Clinical Research Terms

HIV Profiles: The People Who "Cheated" HIV
Scientists have long observed people with HIV who do not progress to AIDS and were able to maintain stable CD4 counts and undetectable viral loads, often for decades.

What Is the Risk of HIV in Mixed-Status Couples Using Prevention Tools?
Mixed status couples using antiretrovirals to prevent HIV had estimated transmission risk of 2% for heterosexuals and 25% in gays over 10 years.

Americans with Disabilities Act and People Living with HIV/AIDS

The Facts About HIV Microbicides
Microbicides are seen as means to reduce the spread of HIV among those most at risk, including women who are vulnerable to sexual violence.

HIV Criminal Laws by State

Top 10 Holiday Gifts That Benefit HIV/AIDS Charities

Why Can’t Our 'CD8 T-cells' Naturally Control HIV Infection?
In most types of viral infection, "memory" CD8 T-cells can mount an faster, even stronger immune defense. This generally does not happen with HIV.

When Will We Have an HIV Vaccine?
Research in the past decade has focused on the development of therapeutic vaccines, which may slow the progress of HIV rather than prevent it.

HIV Microscopy in Pictures (16 Images)
Through the use of scanning electron microscopy (SEM), scientists now have a far greater ability to investigate the ultrastructure of HIV.

A Link Between HIV Meds and Diabetes
About.com's Diabetes Guide, Debra Manzella reports on a study that suggests HIV meds could cause diabetes.

Epilepsy Drug Shows Promise in Treating HIV
In a small human trial of the epilepsy drug valproic acid, HIV researchers report promising results in the treatment of HIV.

HIV and the Swine Flu
With all this talk of a flu pandemic, it's important to understand what swine flu is and how it impacts people living wit HIV. Is swine flu and HIV and bad combination? Are HIV positive people more at risk for sine flu that HIV negative people?

HIV Vaccine Studies - Preventative Vaccines
Work continues on finding the elusive HIV vaccine. But much work still needs to be done before such an HIV vaccine is ready for use. This is an update of several of the HIV vaccine studies being conducted at this time.

HIV Vaccine Studies - Therapuetic Vaccines
HIV vaccine development continues but it seems at a snail's pace. The road to an effective HIV vaccine is a tough one but despite the barriers, HIV vaccine development continues.

Into the Pool and Out of the Closet
Olympic diving champion Greg Louganis made news in 1995 when he announced to the world in his autobiography that he was HIV positive. His announcement raised concern because of his diving board injury in the 1988 Olympic Games that resulted in bleeding and possible exposure to his HIV.

Is the AIDS Battle Impacting Other Diseases?
Is the fight against HIV and AIDS impacting other diseases? Some experts fear that is the case.

New HIV Drug Will Benefit Those with Resistant Virus
Maraviroc is a new drug used to treat HIV infection from the new class of drugs called CCR5 entry inhibitors.

Not Your Typical HIV Article - Vampire Cults and HIV
Vampire cults are for real. In fact young men and women are being recruited for these cults near college campuses and high schools all the time. HIV is real too; a blood borne illness that we obviously have all heard of. Do these two things cross paths. Is HIV and issue among vampire cults?

Breakthroughs in HIV and AIDS
Here is a collection of breakthroughs in HIV and AIDS.

Ten Questions to Ask Before Entering a Clinical Trial
Know the answers to these questions before entering into any trial.

What is the Status of an HIV Vaccine?
What is the status of HIV vaccine research? Work continues but how close are we?

Participating in Research
Be well informed before volunteering for any clinical trial. This feature provides the information you need to know.

Barriers to HIV Vaccine Development
There are many barriers to HIV vaccine development, both social and scientific.

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