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Depression & Mental Illness

Depression and other mental illnesses can make living with HIV more difficult and life much more unpleasant. These resources will help deal with the emotional impact of HIV and AIDS.

Understanding AIDS Phobia
The fear of being HIV infected is understandable. After all it's a chronic disease that stays with you for life. But what happens when that fear is unfounded. Despite your negative HIV tests the fear that you have been HIV infected practically paralyzes you. It's AIDS phobia and it's absolutely real.

Antidepressant Fact Sheets
A collection of medication fact sheets covering antidepressants and sleeping aides.

Dealing with Depression
A chronic illness like HIV can affect a person emotionally as well as physically. This feature addresses the common problem of depression.

Do You Suffer From Depression?
Do you suffer from depression? This "how to" guide will help you understand what you're feeling.

SSRI Antidepressants Save Lives
Mental Health Guide Leonard Holmes provides us with this valuable feature about the benefits of antidepressants.

Treatment Options for Depression
About.com's Depression Guide provides you with this collection of resources targeted toward depression and depression treatments.

What is Depression?
Take a look at this comprehensive report on depression.

What is Depression?
Take a look at this comprehensive report on depression.

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