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Misc. Medication Fact Sheets

A collection of easy to understand medication fact sheets.

Antibiotics / Prophylaxis / Misc. Drugs

Antibiotics/Prophylaxis/Misc. Drug fact sheets

Flu Vaccine

The flu vaccine is an important part of staying healthy. Take a look at this flu vaccine fact sheet.

HIV Medication Fact Sheets

Easy to use but comprehensive HIV medication fact sheets.

Parts of the Immune System

What are the parts of the iimune system. How does each part work to protect the body from infection. Learn how the immune response works and you'll better understand HIV and AIDS.

Pneumococcal Vaccine (Pneumovax)

Pneumococcal Vaccine (Pneumovax)fact sheet

Preventing Abuse of Prescription Meds

Arthritis Guides Carol and Richard Eustice warns us about the dangers of prescription drug abuse.

Ten Commonly Used Drugs

Get important information and compare prices with this very useful feature.

Tetanus Vaccine (Td)

Tetanus Vaccine (Td) fact sheet

The Dangers of Acetaminophen Overdose

Headache Guide Teri Robert shares the heartbreaking story of a mother and her daughter's acetaminophen overdose.

The Dangers of Vicodin

Used appropriately, Vicodin is a very effective pain reliever for those suffering from moderate to severe pain. However, when abused, Vicodin can be dangerous. What are the dangers of Vicodin use?

The Facts about Over the Counter Medications

Consumers need to remember that OTC medications are still medications.

The Facts about Pain Killers

Arthritis Guides Carol and Richard Eustice provides us with the facts about pain meds.

The Facts About Testosterone Replacement

Experts agree, men living with HIV are more prone to declining and lower than normal testosterone levels. Here are the facts about testosterone replacement.

The Immune System

Learn what parts make up the immune system and how the immune system works with this two part series. Understand the immune system and you will understand HIV.

Viagra....What You Need to Know

Everyone has heard of it. Everyone knows what it's for and how well it works. Hours of sexual pleasure in a little blue pill. Viagra is effective but there are cautions as well. Get the facts on the little blue diamond...facts you need to use the drug safely.
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