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World AIDS Day 2005 - Stop AIDS...Keep the Promise


Updated June 14, 2006

After many years of being organised by UNAIDS, World AIDS Day 2005 is now the responsibility of an independent organization known as The World AIDS Campaign (WAC). The theme they have chosen for World AIDS Day 2005 is Stop AIDS: Keep the Promise, an appeal to governments around the world to keep the promises and targets set forth during the UNGASS Declaration of Commitment, signed by the 189 member nations of the UN in June 2001. These governments committed themselves to taking action on HIV and AIDS in the fields of leadership, prevention, care and support, treatment, and human rights.The targets set for the end of 2005 include:
  • Reduce HIV prevalence by 25% among men and women aged 15-24 in the most affected countries.

  • Ensure that at least 90% of young people aged 15 to 24 have access to the information, education and services necessary to develop the life skills required to reduce their vulnerability to HIV infection.

  • Reduce the proportion of infants infected with HIV by 20% by increasing access to services which prevent mother-to-child transmission.

  • Increase annual spending on HIV and AIDS to $7-10 billion in low and middle-income countries and those countries experiencing or at risk of experiencing rapid expansion of HIV epidemics.

  • Provide access to antiretroviral treatment to 3 million people living with HIV in developing and transitional countries by the end of 2005.
Source: World AIDS Day; Avert.org; 2005.

What can we all do to support World AIDS Day 2005?
The fact of the matter is, what we do on World AIDS Day should really be done throughout the year. Actions include:

  • Raise HIV/AIDS awareness by wearing a red ribbon. Ask others to do the same.

  • Protect yourself and your partner by using condoms each and every time.

  • Get tested - know your status and encourage others to do the same.

Past World AIDS Days

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