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The Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program

Parts D and F


Updated September 02, 2008

The Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program also includes:

  • Part D ($70.6 million FY 2007) - Part D funding provides family centered outpatient care for woman, infants, children, and adolescents with HIV/AIDS. This funding provides for direct services through the funded program or pays for services that are contracted out to other agencies. Services provided include:
    • family-centered primary and specialty medical care
    • support services
    • logistical support and coordination.

  • Part F - The Special Projects of National Significance (SPNS) ($25 million FY 2007) - These funds advance the knowledge and skill of those providing health and support services to underserved HIV populations. This money helps develop innovative and effective HIV care delivery systems, especially those systems that serve the hard-to-reach and underserved HIV populations.

  • Part F - The AIDS Education and Training Centers (AETC) - These funds provide for a network of regional and national training centers that further the education of health care providers treating people living with HIV. The goal of the AETC network is to improve health outcomes through clinical training in such areas as prevention and medical management. During the years 2005 and 2006, AETCs trained more than 118,000 participants throughout their network.

  • Part F - Dental Programs - While funds from all parts of the Ryan White Programs can be used to provide dental care in some respect, these Part F funds are specifically targeted to the provision of oral health care. These funds are granted to institutions that have dental or dental hygiene education programs (e.g., dental schools, hospitals, community colleges).

  • Part F - Minority AIDS Initiative - Because experts recognize that HIV/AIDS has a disproportionate impact on minorities, Part F provides funding for activities that evaluate the impact HIV and AIDS has on racial and ethnic minorities.

Experts agree that the Ryan White Programs and the funding of the Modernization Act is absolutely essential to the health and well-being of people living with HIV and AIDS. The next reauthorization is 2009...for the sake of our HIV population let's pray reauthorization does occur.

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