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Symptoms and Prevention of HIV/AIDS


The symptoms of HIV can be very subtle or even non-existant initially. Regardless, HIV is a disease that has had a public health impact all over the world. Since the early 1980s, HIV has changed the face of the world we live in. Today, the epidemic continues and for many, HIV is a daily companion. In order to control the HIV epidemic, we all need to learn as much as possible about the disease. For those living with HIV, comprehensive and up-to-date information is an essential part of a healthy life. There's no better place to start our education than at the beginning: HIV symptoms and prevention.
  1. What is HIV?
  2. Testing and Diagnosis
  3. The Biology of HIV
  1. HIV Symptoms and Associated Illnesses
  2. Opportunistic Infections
  3. Data & Statistics

What is HIV?

The most basic of questions has to be answered before we move on -- what is HIV? In 1985, scientists discovered the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). But what exactly is HIV? It's a simple question with a not-so-simple answer. This collection of content will answer this question and many more.

Testing and Diagnosis

HIV Testing is the first step to take when trying to find out if you have HIV. Never rely on symptoms of HIV to decide if you are infected. HIV testing is the only way to know for sure. The importance of early diagnosis of HIV can't be overstated. Decades of HIV and AIDS research has proven that the earlier HIV is diagnosed, the better the prognosis and the likelihood of a long, healthy life. So how are HIV and AIDS diagnosed?

The Biology of HIV

HIV is a very complex disease that impacts our body in many different ways. Understanding how HIV works and what it does to our body will help you better understand the disease. Understanding HIV can allow you to take control of the illness and live a healthy, productive life. These resources will explain the biology of HIV.

HIV Symptoms and Associated Illnesses

HIV symptoms, if they occur can be uncomfortable, inconvenient, and can make you sick. While HIV symptoms may not occur initially, most people at some point in time will experience some HIV symptoms or associated illnesses. These resources will help identify and deal with the symptoms of HIV.

Opportunistic Infections

HIV impacts the body's ability to protect itself from illness and infection. When these infections strike, you need comprehensive information to guide you. This collection of resources provides the information you need to recognize opportunistic infections and to take steps to resolve them before your health suffers.

Data & Statistics

The numbers are sobering at times. But the statistics we collect help us better understand the epidemic and take steps to halt its spread. Track the epidemic around the world -- and in your own backyard -- with this collection of current HIV and AIDS statistics.

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