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Condoms Protect Against Genital Herpes


Updated October 07, 2006

Reuters Health writer Amy Norton reports that a new study has again shown that condoms do indeed protect against genital herpes (herpes simplex or HSV-2). University of Washington - Seattle researcher Dr. Anna Ward reported in the Annals of Internal Medicine that her new study of 1800 high risk adults has shown that condoms do help protect men and women from acquiring herpes simplex. Previous studies have shown that condoms do protect women but Ward's new research is the first to show condoms are effective in preventing herpes simplex in both men and women.

Results such as these continue to support and illustrate the need for condoms with each and every sexual contact. Like HIV, herpes simplex is forever, there is no cure. In addition for those people not infected with HIV, the presence of sexually transmitted diseases such as herpes simplex makes HIV transmission easier. Simply put...wear a condom.

Source: Norton, Amy; "Condoms Protect Against Genital Herpes"; Reuters Health; 11/14/05.

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