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Top 10 Condom Price Guide

Find the Condom that is Right for You


Updated June 20, 2007

When living with HIV and AIDS, safer sex is a must meaning using a condom each and every time. Are you having trouble choosing the condom that is right for you? The top 10 condom price guide could help you decide.

1. Avanti Super Thin Condoms

The Avanti Superthin condom is made from polyurethane. Stronger than latex, it can be made significantly thinner to provide increased sensation.
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2. Beyond 7 Condoms

The Beyond Seven condom is longer and narrower than the average condom.
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3. Durex Enhanced Pleasure Condoms

The Durex Enhanced Pleasure condom has a roomy pouch along the bottom to allow for more stimulation.
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4. Inspiral Condoms

The Inspiral condom is a revolutionary new design with a swirled pouch that rotates around the head of the penis for increased sensation.
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5. Kimona Microthin Condoms

Kimono Microthins are 38% thinner than standard condoms for maximum sensation, while still retaining excellent strength.
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6. Lifestyles Xtra Pleasure Condoms

The Lifestyles Xtra Pleasure condom has a unique bulb shape at the head to allow for more movement inside the condom.
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7. Kimono Maxx Condoms

The exquisite Kimono Maxx condom is larger and longer than standard condom. Available with or without spermacide.
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8. Reality Female Condoms

The Reality Female Condom goes inside the woman rather than on the man.

9. Trojan Enz Condoms

The Trojan Enz is a standard sized condom with a reservoir tip.
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10. Lifestyle Ribbed Condoms

The Lifestyles Ribbed condom has raised ribs for extra sensation for her.
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