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I've been exposed to HIV. When should I get tested?


Updated October 31, 2007

Question: I've been exposed to HIV. When should I get tested?
You think you have been exposed to HIV. You know you should be tested for HIV but when should HIV testing take place? When should you arrange for HIV testing? When should you get an HIV test? Here is your answer about HIV testing.

Experts agree that one HIV test is not enough. A series of tests is required to assure that you are indeed HIV negative. It is recommended that you be tested at the time of exposure, 6 weeks later, 3 months after exposure and finally some even believe that a test at 6 months post exposure is necessary.

Important Fact!
Note that if another potential exposure occurs during the series of tests, the series must start over.

If you are HIV negative after the 6 month test you can consider yourself not HIV infected.

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