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A Healthy Lifestyle

Living longer requires a healthy lifestyle. These resources help you develop a healthy lifestyle.

Start Your Day - Making Healthy Lifestyle Choices
The key to living with HIV is making healthy lifestyle choices. This collection of healthy lifestyle choices will help you live a better life.

Break the Chain of Infection
The best way to fight infections is to stop them before they make you sick. This feature teaches you how to break that chain of infection.

Caring for Your Bird
Caring for your bird safely and properly will keep you healthy. Here are some guidelines.

Top HIV Drug Adherence Tips [GALLERY]
Do you have problems with HIV drug adherence? Learn some important (and clever) tips for ensuring adherence in this informative slide show.

HIV and the Role of Nutritional Supplements

Caring for Your Cat
Caring for your pet can be a risk to your health if not done properly. Here are some tips for caring for your cat.

Caring for Your Fish
Caring for your fish properly and safely will keep you and your pet healthy. Here are some guidelines for proper fish care.

Do You Suffer From Depression?
Do you suffer from depression? This "how to" guide will help you understand what you're feeling.

Effective Hand Washing
There is a proper way to wash your hands. This feature explains the proper way to wash your hands.

Famous Quotes About Love, Sex, and Other Things
You can't talk about HIV without talking about sex. Here are a few quotes about love, sex, and other things.

Food Preparation Guide
Cooking food at the proper temperature is essential part of avoiding food-borne illnesses. This food temperature preparation guide will help.

Gay Men, Smoking and Cancer
Gay Life Guide Ramon Johnson provides important information about the risks of smoking.

Getting a Good Night Sleep
A good night sleep can be the difference between feeling great and feeling terrible. But getting a good night sleep can be as easy as following a few easy tips. Here are some tips that will help you get a good night sleep.

Getting the Most from Your Doctor Visits
Regular visits to your doctor is an important part of staying healthy. How do you get the most from your doctor visits?

Guides to Healthy Living
A growing collection living healthy guides with topics ranging from travel safety, food and water safety, and opportunistic infection prevention.

Health Maintenance Guidelines
The way to stay healthy is by having regular health maintenance exams. How often should you have health screenings? These health maintenance guidelines will tell you.

HIV Quick Facts - Proper Pet Care
People living with HIV should have pets. Take the right precautions and pets will provide you with years of companionship and love.

HIV Related Products
About is your headquarters for HIV information. Now About can be your ticket to HIV related products. Order them online, from the privacy of your own home.

HIV/AIDS in the Deaf Community
HIV and AIDS impacts every population, including the deaf community. Deafness Guide Jamie Berke provides this feature about HIV and the deaf community.

HIV/AIDS Quick Tips
A collection of HIV/AIDS quick tips that will help those living with or caring for people living with HIV and AIDS.

How Much is Too Much?
How much is too much? At what point does our care become a barrier for our patients or loved ones to care for themselves?

How to make HIV at About.com your Homepage
A simple guide to making HIV at About.com your start-up page each time you log on the net.

Issues Facing People Living with HIV and AIDS
Living with HIV is not only a physical battle, but an emotional one as well. Issues facing people living with HIV can be daunting but are manageable with the right information.

Preventing Sexually Transmitted Diseases
How can you prevent sexually transmitted diseases? Here are 10 tips that will help you avoid STDs.

Proper and Healthy Pet Care
Proper and healthy pet care benefits you as well as your pet. Pets can be a source of potential infection. Proper and healthy pet care is a must to stay healthy.

Proper Reptile Care
Improper pet care can be a potential hazard to your health. Here are some tips for proper reptile care.

Protect Yourself Against West Nile Virus
what steps can you take to protect yourself from West Nile Virus? This quick tip will tell you.

Staying Healthy While Living with HIV
Staying healthy while living with HIV can be achieved through regular visits to your doctor, preventative medications and immunizations, and a healthy lifestyle.

Staying Out of the Hospital
The goal of all of us is to stay healthy and to stay out of the hospital. While at times hospitalization is required, make sure there aren't alternatives to hospitalization, diagnostic testing or surgery before giving your consent.

Ten Things Gay Men Should Discuss with their Doctors
The Gay and Lesbian Medical Association lists ten things gay men should discuss with their doctors. What are they?

Ten Tips to Avoid Colds and Flu
It's that time of season; cold and flu season. Here are ten tips to avoid colds and flu.

Ten Ways to Stay Healthy
Staying healthy means living a longer, happier life. Here are 10 ways to help you stay healthy.

The Keys to Getting Better Sleep
One way to stay healthy is to get plenty of rest. Unfortunately, sleeping doesn't always come easy for people with HIV. But there are ways to make your nights more restful; to get better sleep. Getting better sleep is not always easy but it can be done by following these few easy steps to better sleep.

Washing Your Hands the Proper Way
Stop the spread of infection by washing your hands often and properly.

Online Dating - Online Dating Safety
Online Dating - Online Dating Safety

How to Find the Right HIV Support Group
Find the HIV support group best suited to your needs, from community-based programs to online chat rooms to private support networks.

Effective Hand Washing
There is a proper way to wash your hands. This feature explains the proper way to wash your hands.

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