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Top 10 Ways to Stay Healthy


Updated August 12, 2007

The goal of anyone living with a chronic disease is staying healthy. HIV is no exception. Staying healthy is a realistic goal. By keeping a few things in mind, staying healthy while living with HIV is possible. Here are ten ways you can stay healthy while living with HIV.

1. Get Tested and Get into Care

Who should get HIV tested? The answer is anyone who doesn't know their status. If you are unsure whether you should be tested, use this simple how-to guide.

2. Use a Condom Each and Every Time.

Using a condom is not enough. The key is using it correctly. This feature will help you use a condom correctly and keep you and your partner safe.

3. Choose the Right Condom

There are so many colors, shapes and sizes it's hard to know which is right for you. This guide will help you choose.

4. Have Regular Doctor Visits

Getting into care means choosing the right doctor. But how do you do that? Take a look at this feature which will walk you through the steps in choosing the physician that is right for you.

5. Get Your Vaccinations

Vaccines are given to stimulate the body's immune response in order to produce antibodies that will protect against certain illnesses. Here are the most important.

6. Eat Right to Stay Healthy.

While your doctor can help you stay healthy, you have to take some responsibility as well. The first step is eating right.

7. Learn All You Can Learn About HIV.

Knowledge is power. Knowing your illness will help you take charge of your life instead of letting HIV control you. This basic fact sheet will help you get started.

8. Know Your Own Body.

Knowing your body allows you to keep tabs on your health. Learn to recognize problems before they get serious with this guide to signs, symptoms and solutions.

9. Adhere to Your Therapy.

The advent of HAART therapy has given people infected with HIV a new lease on life. But along with these benefits there are some problems. The biggest obstacle to successful treatment is adherence to your regimen. Here are 10 tips that will help.

10. Practice Safer Sex...Even After a Positive Test

The question is a common one heard in HIV practices and prevention clinics across the country. "My partner and I are both HIV positive. Do we still need to use condoms?"
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