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Top 8 Issues Facing People With HIV


Updated October 31, 2009

Living with HIV is not only a physical battle, but an emotional one as well. Issues facing people living with HIV can be daunting but are manageable with the right information. Your HIV Guide has assembled some of the best information available.

1. Dealing With a New Diagnosis

You've tested positive...now what? Finding out you have HIV will change your life but doesn't have to control your world. Take a deep breath and start at the beginning.

2. Depression...It Can Be Conquered

Everyone has had days where they were feeling a little "blue". We all have been "down in the dumps" or felt "blah" But when these feelings last longer than a couple weeks you may be suffering from depression.

3. Finding the Right Doctor

How do people living with HIV choose a physician. Here is a brief guide to help make good decisions. Good decisions by you now will help you lead a long, healthy life.

4. Learning About HIV

Myths and misconceptions make it difficult for those living with HIV. Learn the facts about HIV with these ten things that everyone should know.

5. Understanding HIV Medications

When it comes time for treatment, you want to know all you can about your medications. These fact sheets will help.

6. Adherence to Medication Regimens

The medicines work but only if you take them as prescribed each and everyday. Easier said than done. These tips can help you get a handle on your regimen.

7. Paying the Bills

Paying for HIV care is a huge undertaking for anyone, let alone those with financial difficulties. The Ryan White Care Act can help. To understand the importance of the Ryan White Care Act, one must look at the essential services it provides.

8. Staying Healthy

Prevention is the key....staying healthy mean taking those steps to prevent illnesses before they strike. Being vaccinated is one way to prevent serious infections before they cause problems. Here are some facts about vaccines.
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