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Treatment of HIV

You are a partner in your own medical care. That means you need to do more than just take pills. You need to be your own advocate; to better understand the medications you are taking, what they do, and how to take them properly. Learn more about antiretrovirals, prophylactic medication and other therapies related to HIV.

Your Essential Guide to HIV Testing and Diagnosis
There are a number of tests used in the detection, treatment and management of HIV, ranging from rapid in-home saliva tests to genetic assays used to tailor therapy.

Your Essential Guide to HIV Therapy
With the introduction of newer, more effective antiretroviral drugs, health panels around the world are updating their HIV treatment recommendations.

List of Approved Antiretroviral Drugs - HIV Medication
Today, there are 27 individual antiretroviral agents and seven fixed dosed combination (FDC) drugs comprised of two or more of different agents.

The Wholesale Price of HIV Medications
The Average Wholesale Price (AWP) is the average price that wholesalers are actually paying for a particular HIV drug.

HIV Testing Gallery

What To Do If an HIV Treatment Fails
HIV treatment failure occurs when a drug (or combination of drugs) is unable to unable suppress viral activity or restore a patient's immune function.

HIV and the Role of Nutritional Supplements

What Are HIV Booster Drugs and How Do They Work?
HIV booster drugs can increase the plasma concentration of certain antiretroviral medications (ARVs) when used in combination therapy.

How Much Adherence is Enough Adherence?
Evidence suggests that some newer generation HIV drugs may not require the same, greater than 95% adherence rates of older antiretroviral drugs.

IRIS – Immune Reconstitution Inflammatory Syndrome – Definition

Half-Life, Drug - Definition
Drug half-life is defined as the time it takes for the plasma concentration of a drug, like an antiretroviral, to be halved within a person's body.

Are You a "Doctor Hopper?"
Multiple-clinic patients (also known as "doctor hoppers") are less likely to achieve undetectable viral loads or adhere to prescribed HIV therapy.

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