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In the early 1980s, an AIDS diagnosis meant a death sentence. But with the advent of HIV medications, people stay healthy, live longer, and have hope after their HIV diagnosis. But in order for HIV treatment to be successful, people need to understand the medications they take and how to incorporate them into their daily lives. These HIV treatment resources will help you understand the medications you take and teach you how to make them part of your daily life. After all; your life may depend on it.
  1. Understanding Your Medications
  2. Better Adherence Means Less Resistance
  3. Avoiding Opportunistic Infections and Illness
  4. Breakthroughs and Advances in HIV Care
  5. Minimize Medication Side Effects

Understanding Your Medications

Experts around the world and from every corner of HIV care and research agree that HIV medications work. It is widely accepted that the advent of HIV medications has lengthened life spans to near normal time frames. But it is not just as simple as taking a pill everyday. HIV medications can be difficult and hard to take at times. But understanding your medicines can make taking them much easier. This collection of resources will help you understand your medications and in turn help you take them and benefit from their proven effectiveness.

Better Adherence Means Less Resistance

Taking your medications exactly as prescribed each and every day is the key to a successful treatment regimen. Poor adherence means resistance and resistance typically results in a drug regimen failure. Assembled here are some of About.com's best medication adherence resources to help you avoid resistance and regimen failure.

Avoiding Opportunistic Infections and Illness

Medicines treat what ails us but the best way to stay healthy is to avoid illness all together. By way of regular health screenings, vaccinations, and medications you can live a healthier more fulfilling life.

Breakthroughs and Advances in HIV Care

Thanks to the work of thousands of HIV scientists, there are new medication and treatment options coming onto the market all the time. Fewer pills to take each day; fewer side effects; fewer doses each day; all the work of clinical trials and the researchers developing new drugs. These resources explain how clinical trials work and what new medications, breakthroughs, and advances in HIV care are in the pipeline.

Minimize Medication Side Effects

It's a fact of life with HIV; some of the medications have side effects. But new medications making it to the market have fewer, less troublesome side effects. But, unfortunately HIV medication side effects can still be a problem for some people. This collection of links, resources, and features will give you the information you need to deal with those pesky side effects.

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