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Duragesic (fentanyl) Patch


Updated November 30, 2008

Classification & Indications:

Duragesic (fentanyl) is an opioid analgesic (pain medication) used to control moderate to severe chronic pain.

Important Fact!
Duragesic should not be used for acute pain or by people who have not had significant previous exposure to other opioid pain medications.


Duragesic is available in 12mcg/hr, 25mcg/hr, 50mcg/hr, 75mcg/hr and 100mcg/hr transdermal patches.


  • The lowest dose that achieves pain control should be the one that is used.

  • Only use the dose prescribed by your doctor.

  • Never increase your dose on your own. This could be extremely dangerous.

  • One patch is applied every 72 hours, or as prescribed by your doctor. Remember to remove the old patch and wash the area with soap and water before applying the new one.
  • Rotate sites with each patch change.

Special Instructions:

Apply the patch as follows:
  • Apply the patch to a clean, dry patch of skin above your waist on the front or back.

  • Dry the area well before applying the patch.

  • Press the adhesive surface to your skin using the palm of your hand for 30 seconds, making sure it adheres.

  • Apply each new patch to a different area than the previous patch.

  • Do not touch the patch with your fingers, and wash your hands immediately after applying.

  • Remove the old patch and discard before applying the new patch.

Important Precautions:

Be aware of these precautions to avoid dangerous complications from the Duragesic Patch:
  • Never use a damaged patch or a patch with a hole in it.

  • Never use alcohol or soap to prep the area before applying the patch. This can greatly increase the effects of the Duragesic Patch.

  • Do not cut or damage the patch in any way.

  • Duragesic should never be taken orally - this can result in very dangerous side effects.

  • Never touch the patch with your fingers and wash hands immediately after handling the patch.

  • Discard used patches by folding the patch in half and flushing down the toilet.

For More Information:

For detailed information about Duragesic Patches check out About.com's Drug Finder.
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