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Newly Diagnosed

Finding out you have HIV can be very upsetting and certainly a confusing time. These resources will help you through those first days and weeks.

10 Steps to Healing for People Newly Diagnosed with HIV
This list of 10 steps for people newly diagnosed with HIV provides inportant information to get through those very difficult times immediately after diagnosis.

Acute HIV Syndrome
HIV can be missed during routine physical exams if physicians don't know what to look for. It is important to recognize acute HIV syndrome or primary hiv infection as it is sometimes called.

Blood Test Fact Sheets
Your doctor will routinely order blood tests at each of your visits. This collection of blood test fact sheets will help you understand what each of those blood tests are for.

Complete Blood Count (CBC)
Your doctor will often draw a complete blood count or CBC. What exactly is a CBC?

Essential HIV Information Everyone Needs to Know
There is essential HIV information that everyone should know. This important HIV information can be found in one place; this feature article filled with HIV information.

HIV and the Internet
There are thousands of web pages devoted to HIV and AIDS. But how do you weed through the garbage to get to the good stuff? The guide will help.

HIV Diagnosis Day 1
Finding out you have been newly diagnosed with HIV can be a shock. Getting that HIV diagnosis will change your life.

HIV Features and Articles - Volume 1
Over the last decade, we at About.com have provided you with hundreds of HIV related articles. Content ranging from medication education, adherence, testing and prevention have been resented for your use over the years. The following articles are some I consider the best.

HIV Features and Articles - Volume 2
Over the last decade, we at About.com have provided you with hundreds of HIV related articles. Content ranging from medication education, adherence, testing and prevention have been resented for your use over the years. The following articles are some I consider the best.

Raising AIDS Awareness
One important step in slowing the spread of HIV and AIDS is raising AIDS awareness. There are agencies all over the world whose primary role is to raise AIDS awareness. You can raise AIDS awareness as well; in fact much of AIDS awareness is made possible by the hard work of those people living with HIV and AIDS. In an attempt to raise AIDS awareness you About HIV guide has assembled a collection …

HIV Reinfection...Why Safer Sex is Important
Reinfection is a growing problem. Why is safer sex important?

HIV/AIDS Frequently Asked Questions
This is an idex of HIV/AIDS frequently asked questions

How to tell someone you have HIV
A simple guide to telling those you love you have HIV.

New HIV Strain Has Experts Concerned
A new HIV strain has emerged that has experts concerned. What are the facts about this new wrinkle in HIV science?

Parts of the Immune System
HIV attacks the body's immune system, making it susceptible to various infections that make a person sick. In some cases these infections can be fatal. But what is the immune system?

Recognizing Acute HIV Syndrome
What is Acute HIV syndrome and how do you recognize its symptoms?

Serum Electrolytes
Serum electrolytes are substances that circulate in the blood and control such things as cardiac function and muscle contraction. While there are several electrolytes in the blood, this test measures the four most common electrolytes as well as two indicators of kidney function.

Testing Positive...Now What?
It's hard to imagine what could chill your soul more than finding out you are HIV positive. Although very frightening, finding out you are HIV positive is no longer a death sentence.

The Epidemic Profile
More statistics to exhibit the growing HIV epidemic.

The History of HIV/AIDS
Knowing where you have been helps you to choose the right path to where you want to go. The history of HIV/AIDS helps scientists, medical professionals, and patients alike understand the disease and find better ways to fight it.

The HIV Epidemic...an Update
It's been over twenty years since the HIV epidemic began. Where do we stand now in our fight?

The Symptoms of HIV
Because many people who have been infected with HIV have few or no symptoms initially, testing is the only way to know for sure if you are infected with HIV. There are, however, an assortment of symptoms that can be associated with HIV infection.

Top Ten HIV Related Books
Looking for something to read? These books shed a light on HIV and on life. All are a great places to get started.

Top Ten HIV/AIDS Myths
Dispel the rumors, myths, and misconceptions with this list of the top ten untruths about HIV/AIDS.

Top Ten Things you Need to Know
Ten things everyone should know about HIV and AIDS.

Understanding the Immune Response
When a foreign substance such as a bacteria or a parasite enters the body, the immune system activates to protect against the invader. But how does the immune system work?

Understanding Your Blood Tests
As part of your routine HIV care, your doctor will order several different blood tests from time to time. But what do all these tests mean? Learn more about your blood work with these simple fact sheets.

Viral Load (PCR)
HIV viral load is another important blood test conducted by your doctor. What is hiv viral load.

Washing Your Hands the Proper Way
Stop the spread of infection by washing your hands often and properly.

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