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We're both positive. Do we need to use a condom?


Updated June 18, 2008

Question: We're both positive. Do we need to use a condom?
This question is one of the most common I receive and one of the most misunderstood. People feel that once you have HIV, what's the sense in protecting yourself any longer...after all what else could possibly happen? What more could a person get? Well the answer is plenty...unprotected sex between HIV positive people is very risky and can jeopardize the health of both partners. Here's how.

What Are The Best Condoms?

Answer: Sexual contact between two HIV infected people most certainly requires a condom. Different strains or types of HIV can be passed between two HIV infected people, making treatment of the infection even more difficult. This transfer of one HIV strain to another HIV infected person is called reinfection

For instance, if person "A" has an HIV type that has been responsive to therapy and person "B" has an HIV type that hasn't, passing that type of HIV from "B" to "A" will make it harder to treat person "A", possibly making therapy ineffective in person "A" as well. Also keep in mind, condom use is also important in preventing the transmission of other sexually transmitted diseases.

Understanding Positive Prevention and HIV Reinfection

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