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Being diagnosed with HIV will change your life; there's no debating that fact. But unlike decades ago when an HIV diagnosis meant you were close to death, people are living with HIV longer than ever. The key to living with HIV is staying healthy and coping with your disease. The resources offered here will help you stay healthy and cope with your diagnosis. Living with HIV is possible and the best place to start is right here.
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  3. Women / Seniors / Children / Teens
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Moving Forward

Decades ago, an HIV diagnosis meant your life would be put on hold as you waited for the inevitable. Today nothing could be further from the truth. Like any other chronic disease, people diagnosed with HIV have to learn how to incorporate their illness into their everyday life. Granted, that is easier said than done. But with our help, you will soon be able to move forward after your diagnosis. These resources will help.

Safer Sex

Despite what you may have heard, safer sex, even among HIV-positive couples, is very important. Obviously, using safer sex techniques with each oral, vaginal, or anal sexual encounter will slow the spread of HIV. These safer sex resources offer you options that will keep you and your partner safe and healthy.

Women / Seniors / Children / Teens

HIV and AIDS impacts everyone. But for some populations, the issues faced by those living with HIV are different. For women, issues such as pregnancy and breastfeeding with HIV are complex. For seniors over 50, prevention, education and HIV diagnosis offer special challenges. For children and teens, HIV is in some ways not well understood. In short, some populations have unique issues with HIV. Here are some resources provided for those populations.

Developing Healthy Habits

Like with any chronic disease or illness, the key to staying healthy as possible for as long as possible is developing healthy habits. HIV and AIDS is no different. With the advent of HIV medications and medications to prevent opportunistic infections, people with HIV are staying healthy. But it takes hard work in the form of healthy habits and choices, regular doctor's visits, and taking your medications each and everyday. There is so much involved in staying healthy. These resources will help you get started.

Frequently Asked Questions

Understanding your disease is the key to a long and healthy life. But the road to understanding will not be an easy one. HIV/AIDS is a complex disease and rest assured, you will have questions. But you are not alone. Others who are on the path to understanding have questions just like you. We have assembled those frequently asked questions here with easy-to-understand answers.

HIV Around the World

HIV impacts different parts of the world in different ways. While one country may have a handle on HIV education, another country may be struggling a great deal. Different risks apply to different parts of the world. The only way we can control the HIV epidemic is to understand the differences and take steps to address those differences. These resources give you a look at HIV around the world and at how the epidemic is unique from place to place.

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