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HIV Research and Clinical Trials

A collection of HIV research efforts, clinical trials, surveys, and studies. If you are looking to get into a trial or have one you want people to be aware of this is the place.

What is the "HIV Treatment Cascade?"
The HIV Treatment Cascade is a model used by Federal, state and local agencies to better identify gaps in care delivery to people living with HIV.

New HIV Medications in 2001
Experts continue to work everyday to develop new HIV medications. New HIV medications offer more options for treatment, especially in patients who have been living with HIV for a long time. What new HIV medications are in store for 2001.

Online HIV Forums and Support Groups - A Survey
HIV support groups can help people deal with the stress of a life with HIV and AIDS. Do you access online support groups? How does online HIV suppoort groups benefit you? This survey from one of our readers will provide a snapshot of how online support groups and forums help HIV positive people.

Online Support & Quality of Life
A survey that will help determine the effectiveness and benefits of HIV support groups.

When Will We Have an HIV Vaccine?
Research in the past decade has focused on the development of therapeutic vaccines, which may slow the progress of HIV rather than prevent it.

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