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Do I Have an HIV Infection?


Updated June 19, 2014

Do I Have an HIV Infection?
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Question: Do I Have an HIV Infection?
The most common question I get is; Do I have an HIV infection? The fact of the matter is regardless of what symptoms a person may or may not have, the only way to know if there is an HIV infection is by getting an HIV test. This feature does help answer the question; Do I have an HIV infection?.
Answer: Unfortunately, HIV is not as easily diagnosed as you would think. Understandably, people who think they may have been infected are afraid; they are afraid to see a doctor and they are afraid to get tested. These simple steps will help you find out if you have indeed been infected.

Step 1 - Are you having symptoms?
Not everyone who has been HIV infected will shows signs of the infection. Others may have symptoms that are much like other very common illnesses such as the flu. What symptoms if any do you have? Are they symptoms of HIV?

Step 2 - Get examined by your doctor.
As stated earlier, if you are having symptoms they may be very similar to other common illnesses and infections. If you are feeling ill, don't assume you are infected and don't try to diagnose your symptoms yourself. Find a doctor, schedule an appointment and have he or she examine you thouroughly. Trying to diagnose yourself will make you crazy and may result in serious illness being missed.

Step 3 - Get an HIV Test
The most important thing you can do for yourself and your partner is to get an HIV test. And HIV test is truly the only sure way you can know whether or not you have been infected. You can get tested by your family doctor, at a free and anonymous testing site in your community, or even by purchasing a home test kit. Get tested and get the peace of mind you are looking for.

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