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Making a Dental Dam from a Condom

A Small Square of Latex That Keeps You Safe


Updated January 20, 2008

If you have not purchased a commercially available dental dam you can make one from an unlubricated condom.

    Step 1 - Open an unroll a condom, laying it flat on a clean surface.

    Step 2 - Use scissors to cut off both ends of the condom, leaving about 6 inches of condom. Be careful not to puncture the condom with the scissors.

    Step 3 - Carefully cut down the length of the latex and you will have a 4" x 6" latex square.

Some say that this method of creating a dental dam is actually better than using a commercial dam; mainly because it is thinner than a commercial damn, improving sensation. Plus if you use a flavored condom when making your dental dam, you will have a flavored dental dam as well.

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