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Top 6 HIV Facts Everyone Needs to Know


Updated June 16, 2007

There is essential HIV information that everyone living with HIV, caring for an HIV infected loved one should know. This is information essential to living a long healthy life with HIV. This information is now together in one place. You can beat HIV and live a productive life with the disease. The first step is to learn all you can about HIV. Remember, knowledge is power.

1. What is HIV?

The very first thing everyone needs to know is what exactly is HIV. Everyone has heard of HIV but who knows what HIV is? This feature will fill you in.

2. What are the Signs and Symptoms of HIV?

While the only way to know if you have an HIV infection is to get tested, there are some signs and symptoms that can signal the possibility of infection. Here are the signs and symptoms of HIV.

3. How is HIV Diagnosed?

As stated about, HIV is definitively diagnosed one way...by getting an HIV test. How is HIV tested for and how do you interpret the results?

4. What Illnesses and Infections are Related to HIV?

As HIV weakens your immune system, the body becomes at risk for several opportunistic infections and other illnesses. What are the symptoms of these conditions and what can be done about them and to prevent them?

5. How is HIV & AIDS Treated?

The advent of HIV medication has made the disease something people live with not die from. Therapies are getting easier to take, with fewer pills and fewer side effects. What are the medications available to treat HIV and how are they prescribed?

6. The Basics of HIV Prevention

The obvious and most effective may to put a halt to the HIV epidemic is through HIV prevention. The HIV site here at About.com has a comprehensive collection of HIV prevention resources.

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