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Safer Sex for Teens

10 Ways to Make Love Without Sex


Updated November 29, 2009

Teens feel the urges of sexual maturity everyday. Some feel sex is the only way to feel close with the ones they love. However, having sex is not without risks. There is safer sex for teens. HIV and teens is a growing problem but there are things that can be done. Here are 10 ways to make love and show your affection without having sex.

1. Give a hug...get a hug

So much can be said wth a hug. It provides closeness and intimacy. Sharing a hug can be one of the most loving things two people can do.

2. Share your feelings...tell each other how much you care.

Being honest with your feelings can be a very loving gesture. Let the one you love know just how much you care.

3. Hold Hands

Like a hug, holding hands is an intimate gesture that shows one another that you care. The touch of a hand can say so much.

4. Give one another a special gift.

Gift giving is not reserved for birthdays and holidays. Giving a gift "just because" can say so much about how you feel. And remember, price is not what's important. It's the giving that makes the gift a special expression of your feelings.

5. Make a special CD of love songs.

The language of love...said so well in a song. Find love songs that are special to the both you and your relationship. Put them on a CD and listen to them together. Nothings says love like music.

6. Take a walk together.

Take a walk...hold hands and enjoy the beauty of nature. Walks are quiet, peaceful and they provide the privacy you need to get to know one another better.

7. Choose "your song".

Every relationship needs a special song that is just for the two of you. Find that special song, share it, dance to it, claim it as your own.

8. Write each other a love letter.

If you're like me, it's easier to express your feelings with the written word than the spoken word. Write that special someone a love letter. Be creative and don't hold back. Show your love with your words...he or she will cherish it for ever.

9. Leave a little note where the other will find it.

What a surprise when you open up your favorite book and find a hand written not that says "I love you". Three little words scribbled on a piece of paper...what a simple way to make his or her day.

10. Flirt with each other.

A smile...a wink...or just a little whisper. Flirting is a harmless, fun way to tell someone you care or you're interested. Flirting is an art form...so go ahead and master your craft.
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