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Transmitted HIV Resistance: How Big of a Problem Is It?


Newer, higher sensitivity tests are revealing that transmitted HIV resistance—wherein HIV drug resistance is passed from one person to the next—may be a bigger problem than imagined.

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Persistence, HIV - Definition - HIV/AIDS

HIV persistence is the state by which HIV is not cleared from the body but remains in specific cells despite therapies meant to neutralize them.

Transmitted HIV Resistance: How Big of a Problem Is It?

In the U.S. and Europe, studies suggest that anywhere from 14% to 16% of the HIV-infected population has resistance to at least one class of drug.

12 Recommended Vaccinations for Adults with HIV

While some immunizations are recommended for all adults with HIV, other vaccinations are only for those at higher risk for certain contagions.

Should People with HIV Get the Shingles Vaccine?

While the FDA has made no formal recommendations regarding the use of Zostavax in people with HIV, there is growing evidence in support of its use.

The History of the NAMES AIDS Memorial Quilt

The NAMES AIDS Quilt is a massive community arts project that served as one of the most powerful activist tools during the height of the AIDS crisis.

The 10 Best Films About HIV/AIDS

The best films about HIV/AIDS serve as an historic record, bringing to life the struggles and emotions that remain as relevant today as they did then.

Does Cancer Drug (Really) Bring Us Closer to AIDS "Cure?"

It was reported that a cancer drug called romidepsin can expose HIV hidden deep within cellular reservoirs in a curative strategy called "kick-kill."

Why Can't Our 'CD8 T-cells' Naturally Control HIV Infection?

In most types of viral infection, "memory" CD8 T-cells can mount an faster, even stronger immune defense. This generally does not happen with HIV.

Remembering Joep Lange (1954-2014)

Joep Lange, renowned HIV researcher, was among the passengers killed on Malaysian Airways Flight 17 when the aircraft was shot down on July 17, 2014.

Why the HIV Baby "Cure" Never Really Was

On July 10, 2014, the child known as the "Mississippi baby," proclaimed "cured" of HIV in 2013, was reported to have a return of detectable virus.

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