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How Long Does it Take for HIV to Progress to AIDS?


Updated May 28, 2014

Question: How Long Does it Take for HIV to Progress to AIDS?
Left untreated, HIV progression to AIDS will occur. While HIV itself does not make you sick, the damage it does to your immune system allows for HIV progression to AIDS. How long does it take for HIV to progress to AIDS?

Since 1992, scientists have estimated that about half the people with HIV develop AIDS within 10 years after becoming infected. This time varies greatly from person to person and can depend on many factors, including a person's health status, I soon they get into HIV care, if they are on medications, and finally health-related choices and behaviors they make.

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Today there are medical treatments that can slow down the rate at which HIV weakens the immune system. There are other treatments that can prevent or cure some of the illnesses associated with AIDS, though the treatments do not cure HIV itself. As with other diseases, early detection offers more options for treatment, earlier preventative care, and therefore a better long-term prognosis.

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