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HIV Around the World

The HIV epidemic affects us all but it affects different cultures in different ways. This collection of feature stories highlight HIV and its impact on different countries around the world.

HIV and the Millenium Development Goals
The Millennium Development Goals, established by the United Nations in 2000, include a call to "halt and reverse" the global spread of HIV/AIDS.

HIV/AIDS Insights: What Makes an Epidemic an "Epidemic?"
UNAIDS and WHO have devised a classification of HIV epidemic states, based on surveillance of key at-risk groups.

HIV and the Millenium Development Goals
The Millennium Development Goals, established by the United Nations in 2000, include a call to "halt and reverse" the global spread of HIV/AIDS.

HIV and the Denialist
There are two sides to every story; even HIV. For most of us HIV and it's negative impact on public health is beyond reproach; we all believe. However, there are individuals that challenge conventional thinking. There are even those who doubt HIV is harmful at all. This short feature presents both sides of the story.

HIV Around the World - China
HIV and AIDS in China. What is the state of HIV in China? HIV Around the World takes us to China.

HIV Around the World - India
India has become the country with the largest HIV population in the world. Here is a look at the India's HIV Epidemic.

HIV Around the World - South Africa
HIV around the world takes you to South Africa. AIDS in Africa is raging out of control. Some call it the new apartheid.

HIV Around the World - The Russian Federation
HIV Around the World visits the Russian Federation to examine the HIV epidemic in that part of the world.

Michigan's Medical Marijuana Law Has Passed
Michigan's Proposal 1 passed with flying colors on election day. Medical marijuana is now legal in the state. Now that Michigan's medical marijuana law has passed, how do I get my prescription? Actually the law is not what you think.

Tom Daschle - Secretary of Health and Human Services
President-elect Obama recently named former Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle as his new Secretary of Health and Human Services. What will this mean for the HIV community. This feature takes a look at Tom Daschle and his record on HIV and AIDS.

What is PEPFAR
The President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief is the US initiative to aide those countries hardest hit by the HIV epidemic. PEPFAR is a $15 billion package to aide those countries hit hard by HIV.

Where Does Obama and McCain Stand on Healthcare and HIV
The election is fast approaching and so many are not quite sure who will get their vote. One of the major issues facing both candidates are the issues of health care and HIV. Obama and HIV; McCain and HIV; where do they stand.

White House Briefing - A New National AIDS Strategy
In advance of National HIV Testing Day, the White House has given a briefing on the domestic HIV/AIDS epidemic. This briefing includes a detailed report on the White House effort to formulate a National AIDS Strategy.

World AIDS Day - 1999
Details of World AIDS Day 1999

World AIDS Day - 2000
Details of World AIDS Day 2000

World AIDS Day 2005 - Stop AIDS...Keep the Promise
Each year, World AIDS Day is celebrated around the globe. This year we celebrate progress made in the battle against AIDS. World AIDS Day - Stop AIDS...Keep the Promise.

World AIDS Day 2007
Every December 1 the world comes together to commemorate World AIDS Day. This year's theme is "Leadership." Let's see what's planned for World AIDS Day 2007.

World AIDS Day 2008
What can you do to promote World AIDS Day 2008? There are several campaigns around the country and the world to help you get involved in World AIDS Day 2008. Here are just a few.

World AIDS Day 2010
The theme for World AIDS Day 2010 is "Universal Access and Human Rights. Global leaders have promised to improve HIV care and treatment access around the world. World AIDS Day 2010 is a reminder of that promise.

World AIDS Day 2009
Every December 1 the world comes together to raise awareness of HIV and AIDS and the struggles those living with the disease rage each and every day. World AIDS Day reminds us all the HIV is still a public health issue here at home and around the world.

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