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HIV/AIDS Controversies

Legal Issues and Fraud - Making HIV More Difficult


Updated December 20, 2010

Named Reporting - Good or Bad?
What are your thoughts on named reporting? Here is the issue and what is at stake.

The Origin of AIDS

KIJOUN writes - "Is it really important to know where HIV came from and if it eventually causes aids? I have a little girl we adopted that is HIV+. Her mother took AZT before she delivered and she took it when she was first born; everything the way it's suppose to be done. However she was a twin and the first born so she developed the virus. She has never been sick other then a cold and has always had a high t-cell count but also a very high viral load. This has come down (she's now 10 yrs old) I do believe because of the cocktails she takes."

The Origin of HIV and AIDS.

The Problem of Poor Medication Adherence

Forum viewer CAIRNCREST writes - "I agree that taking meds is such a pain. Not only do I get a reminder of my mortality each time that I take my prescribed regimen, but I also get the joys of dealing with the awful side effects such a peripheral neuropathy and lypodystrophy - not to mention the fatigue, headaches, poor balance and chronic diarrhea. I have been tempted to say the "heck" with the meds and let nature take its course. However, I do not wish to play roulette with my life."

Your Thoughts on Adherence?

Why Do People Have Problems Adhering?

Free Online Adherence Course

Adherence Strategies that Work

Same Sex Marriages...Why all the Fuss?
Why should people of the same sex get married? Why are so many reluctant to recognize such unions? This article provides arguments for and against same sex marriages.

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