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HIV Medications

How Much Do They Cost?


Updated June 02, 2014

It's no secret, HIV medicines are very expensive. For most, insurances, drug assistance programs, or community resources pay most of the cost. But what about those who are not so fortunate. While we all know HIV medications are very costly, not taking them can be even more costly. Have you ever wondered what those HIV medications you are taking cost each month? The following table will give you an idea just how pricey HIV medications can be.

Important Fact! - Prices will vary depending where they are purchased and how they are paid for. Mail-order pharmacies may be cheaper than your neighborhood pharmacy for instance. The prices given here are for estimates and comparisons only. Check with your local pharmacy and your drug insurance to find out just how much your HIV medications will cost you.

COST PER MONTH (estimates) - Medication Fact Sheets
Agenerase $772
Aptivus $1117.50
Combivir - Buy Here For Less $752.64
Crixivan $570.96
Emtriva $347.11
Epivir 300mg $347.11
Epzicom $813.55
Fortovase $263.35
Fuzeon $2315.40
Hivid $273.00
Invirase $748.50
Kaletra $796.26
Lexiva $658.99
Norvir $321.46
Rescriptor $316.35
Retrovir $405.59
Reyataz $892.91
Sustiva 600mg $499.43
Trizivir $1164.35
Truvada $867.99
Videx EC 400mg $346.04
Viramune $442.45
Zerit $385.88
Ziagen $466.44

Source: Test Positive Aware Network; "Annual HIV Drug Guide"; 2006.

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