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Symptoms of HIV

What are the symptoms of HIV? Is what I'm experiencing related to my condition? Understanding the signs and symptoms of HIV can not only help minimize infection, it can greatly reduce personal fear and anxiety.

Signs and Symptoms of HIV/AIDS
Understanding the signs and symptoms of HIV allows us to proactively treat (and even avoid) certain infections well before they occur.

Symptoms of HIV by Stage
While HIV provides the opportunity for infections to develop, the symptoms are generally the result of a specific opportunistic infection.

Opportunistic Infections by Organ System
An opportunistic infection develops in the presence of a compromised immune system, some of which can be "AIDS defining" in people infected with HIV.

"How can I tell if I have HIV?"
How can I tell if I have HIV? Testing is the only sure way but there are signs and symptoms to look for.

What Are the Signs of a Recent HIV Infection?
In the early acute stages of an HIV infection, 40% or more of people will develop flu-like symptoms within 7-14 days of an exposure.

How Long Can I Expect to Live After Getting HIV?
Studies show that 20-year-old HIV-positive person on antiretroviral therapy in the U.S. can now expect to live into their early 70s.

HIV Microscopy in Pictures (16 Images)
Through the use of scanning electron microscopy (SEM), scientists now have a far greater ability to investigate the ultrastructure of HIV.

Am I Depressed?
have you ever asked yourself...am I depressed? This FAQ will help you identify the signs and symptoms of depression.

Are Cocaine Abusers at Risk for HIV and Hepatitis
Alcoholism / Substance Abuse Guide "Buddy T" answers this very important question.

HIV and Cervical Cancer
While cervical cancer can develop in both HIV-infected and non-infected women, the incidence among women with HIV can be as high as seven times greater.

Are these HIV urban myths true?
We have all heard the stories or read about them in our e-mail. But are they true?

Breastfeeding with Genital Herpes
Can a woman breastfeed if she suffers from genital herpes?

Can an HIV+ Person Take Flumist?
There is a flu vaccination available to be inhaled called Flumist. Can an HIV+ person take Flumist?

Can I get HIV from performing oral sex?
While the risk is much much less than by way of sexual intercourse, it is possible for you to become infected with HIV through performing oral sex. Get the facts.

HIV/AIDS Frequently Asked Questions
Many of the most asked questions and their answers.

HIV/AIDS Frequently Asked Questions
This index is your link to About's collection of HIV/AIDS frequently asked questions.

How long will I stay healthy?
How long will I stay healthy? While nobody can know for sure, there are things that influence how long you will be healthy.

I found out I'm positive. Now what?
Have just been diagnosed and you have no idea what to do know. This should help.

Important Questions You Need to Ask
These are the important questions you need to ask and their answers.

Is it okay to breast feed?
Is it okay to breastfeed if I'm HIV negative but the father of our baby is positive?

The Facts About HIV / Hep C Coinfection
Get the facts about HIV/Hep C coinfection with this collection of frequently asked questions.

Top 10 Most Commonly Asked Questions About Tuberculosis
Lung Disease Guide Stacey Lloyd answers the 10 most asked questions about Tb.

Top Ten FAQ
There are so many questions regarding HIV and AIDS. But which are asked the most often? Here are the top ten.

What Are the AIDS Defining Illnesses?
What are the AIDS defining illnesses? Here is the list provided by the Centers for Disease Control.

What Benefits are Available to Me?
What benefits are available to those living with HIV? There are many you should be aware of.

What Makes a Good HIV/AIDS Website?
HIV/AIDS information abounds on the Internet. But how do we make sure we are getting good information? What makes a good HIV website?

Does HIV Increase Your Risk of a Heart Attack?
The current body of research strongly indicates that people with HIV are 50% more likely to have a heart attack than people in the general population.

When should I go to the emergency room?
Everyone gets sick now and again. But when does an illness require a trip to the emergency room?

What meds will I be on first?
When it's time to start meds, what meds will your doctor put you on first?

Should People with HIV Get the Shingles Vaccine?
While the FDA has made no formal recommendations regarding the use of Zostavax in people with HIV, there is growing evidence in support of its use.

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