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The Top 8 HIV Related Movies

Excellent Entertainment with a Message


Updated May 22, 2014

Movies are great entertainers. And these HIV related movies do an excellent job of entertaining. But this list of the best HIV/AIDS related movies also educate and send a message to the viewer. Here are movie reviews of the best HIV related movies.

1. Philadelphia

Denzel Washington and Tom Hanks brings to light the impact of the AIDS epidemic in this 1993 movie.

2. Angels in America

In transferring Tony Kushner's Pulitzer Prize-winning play to the small screen, director Mike Nichols has crafted a profound, ambitious masterpiece. The film follows a sprawling group of characters as they navigate their way through the cutthroat New York City of the 1980s, when AIDS began to rear its ugly head.
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3. Longtime Companion

A movie which concentrates exclusively on the devastating effects of AIDS on a group of middle-class gay men from the years 1981 to 1988.

4. A Mother's Prayer

A mother diagnosed with HIV struggles with her own fears while trying to find a family to care for her eight-year-old son.
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5. Breaking the Surface - The Greg Louganis Story

The story about an olympic athelete's struggle with HIV.
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6. And the Band Played On

An engrossing adaptation of Randy Shilts' landmark prize-winning document on the onset of AIDS and the fevered manhunt to find the cause and cure of the HIV virus. Compelling storytelling and a remarkable performance by Modine as the head for the Centers for Disease Control facing impossible odds and heartbreaking frustrations. Hallmark for cameo appearances and political correctness it may be but stirring and revelatory nonetheless. Dare not to be moved during Elton John's "The Last Song" as images and names of the disease's victims roll during the closing credits. Directed by Roger Spottiswoode for HBO.
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7. Life and Death on the A-list

A heart-wrenching documentary about Tom McBride's (who some people will remember as the wheelchair bound jock in Friday The 13th: Part 2) life, his fight with AIDS and his death.
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8. Rent

A modern spin on the opera LA BOHEME, RENT tells the story of eight friends dealing with life and love in Manhattan's Alphabet City in 1989. Over the course of a year, the friends face poverty, drug addiction, break-ups, reconciliations, eviction, and AIDS. Despite these challenges, they find support, hope, and acceptance in each other, all the while embracing the bohemian lifestyle that was so much a part of the Lower East Side.
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